Acoustic EP

by The Offseason

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released June 25, 2012

All music performed by: The Offseason
Mixed and Mastered by: Craig Bray
Produced by: The Offseason
Lyrics by: Ian Bergeson
Track 2 originally performed by: The Bouncing Souls
Track 4 originally performed by: MxPx

Artwork by: Dustin J. Watson



all rights reserved


The Offseason Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Pride and Progress (Acoustic)
Between me and you, they don’t like what I do.
I shouldn’t take it to heart, ‘cause that’s all I’m used to.
I’ve spent hundreds of hours on coffee and chords,
Inside of my dorm room, recording my words,
So I could be told, “This whining is getting old.”
This is a battle of pride and progress,
‘Cause I love what I do regardless.
They might be right,
But don’t let their words change your life.
Sure, it’s the truth, but it hurts all the same.
I have grown out of t-shirts I thought fit you too,
Now my pictures have put me to shame, ‘cause
Now I see someone that I don’t recognize,
From poses he made to the lust in his eyes.
I couldn’t take his advice if I tried.
(‘Cause he’s dead inside)
Don’t go living for someone else
‘Cause you’ll never be happy with yourself
Unless you feel the best when you feel empty
Track Name: That Song (The Bouncing Souls)
I put that record on just to make a sound
The rhythm hit get my movement off the ground
The soundtrack of what I want to be
If I want to change the world, it's gotta start with me

I put the needle on the record and play that song again
And in the end what have we learned?
Are we just faces in the crowd?
I died and was reborn again today

Hold fast to myself, make these good feelings stay
We laughed we cried
The music shaped our lives
So tell me why our movement's out of time?

Are we so out of line?
I put the needle on the record and play that song again
A movement with no leaders
We stand tonight hearts in our hands
Track Name: Frank White (Acoustic)
Gettin' by on the dime
It never seems easy, but you're still aiming to please
As if you need my company
I'm sorry you're in a hole,
But you can't keep bitching at me for the life you chose
So hold yourself responsible
But I'm infatuated with this inebriation from you

You're on hold when it gets cold
But everyone has to depend on you
And everybody wants your name
But that is just the way it will stay
Ambiguous by day

Gettin' high every night
You never seem happy, but it takes your mind off of things
And the stress that life brings
We're hangin' out with Frank White (he's been here all night)
And it taught me a valuable lesson
That there's so many people who rely on other people like you

You're so crazy for all this lately,
But you're just hazy
Track Name: Doing Time (MxPx)
I remember times I had
Some were happy, some were sad
Memories me and my partners in crime
Throwing up a thousand times
I got through it, I feel fine
I went to school and did my time
In a sense I'm out, in a sense I'm free
To be what I wanna be
Fun was cartoons Saturdays
Fun was staying up past eight
Lame was trying to fit in
Lame was the wrong crowd let me in
You gotta stick together
With who you are and who you know
You gotta remember
Where you've been and where you wanna go
I never did homework after school
Did all the things I thought were cool
Went out every Friday night
I still do and I'm alright.